Moran Orthodontics
Kirk I. Moran DMD, MS

What Sets Us Apart

We know that choosing an orthodontist is a very personal decision, so we want to share with you some of the details of our office that make us unique.

Exceptional Orthodontic Care

We are confident that you will be have an experience in our office that you will not find elsewhere. Our entire staff is committed to excellence, and we treat every patient as we would a family member or friend.

As a specialist in orthodontics, Dr. Moran has undergone two additional years of university-based postdoctoral residency training in order to learn the special skills required to manage the complexities of orthodontic treatment. All of our patients are very important to him, and he will make sure you receive the best possible orthodontic care and a beautiful smile you can enjoy for a lifetime.

One Orthodontist, One Office Location

Dr. Moran is the only orthodontist in our office and you will have his undivided, personal attention at every appointment. He is the only person who will plan your treatment and guide your progress from start to finish. This ensures continuity of care, shorter treatment times, better results, and a consistent understanding of your specific treatment needs.


Yes, orthodontics can be fun. We promote a relaxed, fun environment where patients and their families feel at home. For your entertainment, we offer a game room and family movies. We also hold monthly contests as well as having an upbeat, friendly staff to make every visit an enjoyable experience.

Superior Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience throughout your orthodontic treatment. Straightening teeth is just a part of our goal. Getting to know you and meeting your individual needs are our foremost concerns. We enjoy getting to know our patients personally and often develop friendships that last a lifetime. We treat people, not just smiles.

Comprehensive Complimentary Initial Exam

Every patient receives a complimentary and comprehensive explanation of their treatment needs on their first visit. Your initial exam will include a panoramic X-ray, digital photographs, and a thorough examination to help Dr. Moran determine the best course of treatment.

He personally discusses all his findings and recommendations regarding your specific needs. Due to the thoroughness of the exam, we can answer all your questions at this first visit, so we can get you on your way to having that beautiful smile.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our practice uses the most advanced techniques available today, and selects the most effective methods for correcting individual problems. Dr. Moran evaluates and chooses new techniques carefully, and only utilizes those that truly enhance or improve the quality of patient care.

We offer digital imaging, computerized programs to visualize treatment options, computerized scheduling and patient checkin, super-elastic wires that help shorten treatment time, and a variety of appliance options to meet individual patient needs. Most recently, the development of temporary anchors has enabled us to enhance the quality of our results in a way that was previously impossible.

Board Certification

Dr. Moran is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, an honor that is held by only one in five orthodontists. The certification process involves both a written examination and a clinical examination. While board certification is very challenging, it lets patients know that their orthodontist is dedicated to providing them with the highest level of care possible.

The orthodontist earns the certificate of the board and the title Diplomate of The American Board of Orthodontics, which signifies the highest plateau of attainment in education, evaluation, excellence, and ethics.

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